Do you know who Robert Hollenshead is?

by dpollak on 02/17/2010 · 7 comments

If you know who Robert Hollenshead is, it’s only because you’re a hard core used car manager.  If you don’t know who he is, you will very soon.  Hollenshead is the largest customer of the Manheim auction in Pennsylvania.  He is an extraordinary wholesaler that prides himself on being a buyer for any car, anywhere, at any moment.  In short, he is a wholesaler’s wholesaler. 

Hollenshead recently started a company called Buy Book Technologies.  If you know the old saying that “the book doesn’t buy a car”, this one actually does.  Buy Book Technologies is the engine behind AutoTrader’s new Trade In Market Place.  The Trade In Market Place is a program that AutoTrader is rolling out across the country where both consumers and dealers can get a firm buy figure for any vehicle.  Although this product is not currently available in all markets, it will be soon.  It is definitely a paradigm changing product, and one to watch closely.

  • billkrouse

    Dale-I know that you know that I know Robert Hollenshead and his VP Todd Burt-a couple of really smart dudes! The folks at Autotrader-especially Brian Skutta the GM of Trade-In Marketplace-have done a wonderful job with this product and i was so impressed i invited them to present at our next 20 group meeting March 10th in Dallas. In all fairness the only other thing I saw at NADA that beat the AT TIM was your new RealDeal. I can't wait to get both these new technologies up and running here at Polar. By the way your workshop rocked! You should have seen the faces on a couple dudes from Australia when you “put them on the barbie”.

  • Bill, thanks. It was a lot of fun. It was really great to see the dealers embrace Real Deal. The validation was awesome.

  • The Manheim Hollenshead run is one of the best parts of the auction. The guy is huge and has classic lines to describe his cars like “you won’t find one like this in the slug lane, MEN!” I swear it’s easier to hear him without a microphone than it is to hear the auctioneer.
    Most dealers could learn something about lot display by checking out his run of cars….perfectly spaced and lined up better than most retail lots. This cat knows wholesale. It’s been 8 years since I’ve been to Manheim and he’s definitely a memorable used car operator.

  • Bill Greenlaw

    Good to see you over the weekend…we got referred to you by our PureCars rep out here in Denver last year, are you still affiliated with them? Is RealDeal powered by them or a partnership? Just some confusion on my end…as we use it in our stores now.
    Thanks and safe travels.

  • Bill,

    RealDeal is completely different. First, RealDeal reports are only issued to customers by a dealer.

    Once a dealer offers a fair price for a vehicle, whether it is done up front, or after protracted negotiations, the RealDeal report will validate that the price is what it is, presumably fair and defendable. I'm firmly of the belief that documentation is the new negotiation, and in the context of selling a vehicle, sellers and buyers can and should work collaboratively to justify and validate.


  • Very interesting concepts – thanks for scooping this one Dale.

  • Very interesting concepts – thanks for scooping this one Dale.

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