NADA Day 1: Cox Lays Plans For A Successful NADA


I had an eye-opening thought while standing before hundreds of Cox Automotive team members gathered for pre-NADA meetings here in Las Vegas. In all of the 47 years I’ve come to NADA, there’s never been a company with the scale and scope of produc ts and solutions that Cox Automotive offers to dealers—as well as one [...]

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Final Countdown: Stockwave Is Set To Sail At NADA


Thanks to the Cox Automotive family, Stockwave has started strong. We’ve signed up hundreds of dealers in our lead-up to Stockwave’s official debut at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in Las Vegas. It’s really a proud moment for all of us at Cox Automotive, given that Stockwave represents the first broad-scale example of our [...]

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Three Take-Aways From Honda’s Used Vehicle Stop Sale


It’s been a little more than a month since American Honda Motor Company told its Acura/Honda dealers to stop selling used vehicles affected by the airbag-related recall. In that time, Honda has informed dealers how it plans to make up for the disruption the “stop sale” will create in their used vehicle businesses. As I’ve [...]

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3 Tips To Stay Strong In New Vehicles As Sales Volumes Slow


You can already see signs that 2016 won’t be the same as the past few years in new vehicles: Incentives are on the rise. An Automotive News article notes that incentives are climbing as a percentage of new vehicle transaction prices. Overall, incentives ran nearly 9 percent last month, slightly less than December, but up [...]

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3 Ways To Power Through The New Car Sales Plateau


Maybe it’s the sub-zero temperatures or forecasts of heavy snow across the country. Or maybe dealers are getting smarter. Either way, there’s a bit of cold, hard reality in the air. More analysts and dealers are recognizing that while 2016 should be a decent year, it won’t be as good as 2015 or the previous [...]

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Stockwave Starts Out Strong


I think we can all imagine a moment when you feel the collective energy of a lot of people. Maybe it’s in church, at a concert or even on a conference call. It’s that moment when you say to yourself, “Wow. This is exciting. I’m part of something much, much bigger than just me.” That’s [...]

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If Everyone Uses The Same Tools, Where’s The Advantage?


A dealer recently posed a good question after reading an article of mine about Stockwave, vAuto’s latest innovation. The question: If all dealers and consumers share and use similar technology, how does anyone gain an advantage? My response: Thank you for your question, Joe. It’s one that I often here from dealers, and one that is [...]

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4 Ways To Drive A Retail-First Strategy In Used Vehicles


Here’s a key question every dealer should consider as they look for ways to improve their performance in used vehicles: Are we wholesaling too many cars and, if so, how can we retail more of these units? The question follows recent discussions with dealers who have set ambitious goals to improve their used vehicle sales [...]

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A Warm Dealertrack Welcome For Stockwave


It was a striking contrast. Outside the hotel in Atlanta this morning, I felt a stiff, unfriendly wind, and temperatures in the mid-20s. Inside the hotel, I got the warmest welcome I could imagine from the 900 Cox Automotive Software Group team members gathered here for the Dealertrack Sales Conference. My mission: To share Stockwave [...]

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A Used Vehicle Market Warning: Tune Up Inventory Turns Or You’re Toast


I’ve noticed a troubling trend in used vehicle inventories for dealers across the country in recent weeks. The problem: The average Market Days Supply for many dealers’ used vehicle inventories is creeping toward or past 100 days. Typically, this critical metric, which indicates how quickly a dealer’s used vehicles are likely to sell in a [...]

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