4 Reasons To Rethink How You Source Auction Vehicles


“How has your auction-sourcing process changed in the past 12 to 18 months?” I’ve been asking dealers and used vehicle managers this question a lot lately. It’s interesting to note the four most-common responses: “Not much has changed.” About a third of dealers say things are pretty much the same when it comes to sourcing [...]

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3 Troubling Auction Sourcing Inefficiencies


I’ve recently gained a deeper appreciation for the tireless efforts of used vehicle managers and buyers charged with acquiring inventory from auctions. Many spend half their time at work, plus uncounted hours at home, away from their families, to find and vet auction vehicles for an upcoming sale. This reality has given to a belief [...]

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Advancing The “No Barriers” Approach To Life


I can still remember tearing up at the 2014 Access: Velocity event as Erik Weihenmayer shared his “No Barriers” approach to life and perspective at the meeting. Since that special time in Chicago, Erik’s been busy. He’s just released a new book, No Barriers: A Blind Man’s Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon. As always, [...]

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An Afterglow That Shines Strong


It’s hard to pinpoint the proper word. Moved. Uplifted. Changed. Inspired. The reality is I’m feeling a combination of all of these as I bask in the afterglow of meeting Pope Francis last week. To be sure, I’m very touched by all the kind words, love and support from all of you who followed my [...]

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Day 3 in Rome: A Truly Magical Moment


Moving. Inspiring. Mystical. Powerful. Spiritual. Those were the words running through my mind after speaking one-on-one with Pope Francis earlier today. Thankfully, I woke up this morning with a clear idea of what I would say to the leader of the world’s largest faith. “Your Holiness. I want to thank you for the light that [...]

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Day 2 in Rome: Two-Way Diplomacy, Pasta and Nerves


I’ve gained a far deeper appreciation of the day-to-day work of diplomats during my time here. Prior to this visit, my experience with diplomacy and foreign affairs largely came from books. I’ve wondered what it was like, in older days, to be an ambassador to another country, entrusted to look after the interests of your [...]

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Day 1 in Rome: Hope, Concern, History—And Gelato


My first full day of planned group activities in Rome got off to an extremely inspiring start. We met with the Sisters of Sion, a group of nuns who are committed to fostering unity among peoples of different religions, and celebrating diversity of thought. The Sisters have outposts around the world. They work tirelessly as [...]

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A Once-In-A-Lifetime Honor And Opportunity


I make it a personal priority to give back. I consider myself blessed and fortunate. I know that whatever personal and professional success I’ve achieved owes an awful lot to others. I simply wouldn’t be the person I am today, or at my current station in life, without the gifts of guidance, help and support [...]

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NADA Dispatch 3: Final Reflections On A First-Rate Show


A colleague asked me this morning to share my single-biggest take-away from this year’s NADA convention in New Orleans. My response: Dealers are sharpening their game. Compared to past NADAs, there were more dealers who noted the “e-word”—efficiency—as they described their plans for the coming year. The dealers correctly understand that improved performance, proficiency and [...]

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NADA Dispatch 2: It Ain’t So Easy In The Big Easy


There’s a good vibe here in New Orleans. If it were Las Vegas, you might say dealers are doubling down on their technology investments. There are two kinds of dealers who visit the vAuto and Stockwave booths. Those who are looking for a better way, and current customers asking us to help them sharpen their [...]

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