Two More Signs Of The “E-Driven Evolution” Of Our Business


This week brings two news developments that suggest difficult times ahead for dealers who resist the car business’ fast-moving, e-driven evolution: First, on the heels of going public, TrueCar says it’s testing a TrueTrade program that will offer consumers guaranteed trade-in values from participating dealers, according to an Automotive News story. In addition, the company [...]

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A Troubling Tale From The Tarmac


A colleague shared the single-side of a cell phone conversation he overheard this week as his return flight from the Digital Dealer conference in Atlantic City taxied to the gate at O’Hare airport. The passenger in the seat behind him took a call from someone seeking a sales job. The passenger, who described himself as [...]

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Two Ways To Find The “Sweet Spot” For Your Inventory Turn Rate


You might call it an annual rite—just as the tulips start to bloom I hear from dealers excited about the start of the spring selling season. This year is no different, as dealers wrapped up March with year-over-year records in used vehicle sales volumes and profitability and passed along their positive results. Amid all this [...]

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Tempering The Temptations Of Spring In Used Vehicles


It feels pretty good to be a car dealer right now, particularly in used vehicles. Dealers are reporting strong used vehicle results in April, with some setting records for both volume and profitability at their dealerships. So goes what we call the “spring selling season,” which buoys dealer confidence and their bottom lines. But amid [...]

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Factory Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles: 3 Ways To Maximize A Viable Market Segment


Dealers have been asking recently about factory certified pre-owned (CPO) programs. The questions flow in part from recent efforts by factories to step up their CPO sales volumes. The questions essentially boil down to two queries—Are factory CPO programs really worth the price of entry? And, if CPO programs do make sense, how can I [...]

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Velocity Gains Notice—Next Stop, Your Sales Process


In its coverage of the New York Auto Show this week, Automotive News picked up on a concept that’s long been familiar here—the benefits that the Velocity Method of Management® offers for dealers and their manufacturer partners. The coverage alluded to two points that are relevant to share: First, velocity principles are coming quickly to [...]

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3 Indicators To Make Market-Smart Used Vehicle Pricing Decisions


At a recent dealer group presentation, a used vehicle manager asked me an astute question: “Dale, how can you tell when a used vehicle may need a price change?” I liked the question because it suggested the manager was a thoughtful and proactive person—someone who doesn’t follow the more traditional set-it-and-forget-it practice for used vehicle [...]

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Who’s The “General” At Your Dealership?


A few months ago, I finished the biography of Abraham Lincoln, “Team of Rivals,” that inspired the award-winning movie, “Lincoln.” The book struck me as more than just a masterfully written look back at one of our nation’s best presidents. In fact, I found “Team of Rivals” offered multiple lessons in leadership, revealed as Lincoln [...]

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Take-Aways From a Talk Radio Interview On “No Haggle” Retailing


I had the honor of taking part in a program for Cars, Trucks and Bucks, an online talk radio show hosted by former Chicago Tribune automotive writer Rick Popely, who also writes for and other auto-related outlets. The show’s featured guest was dealer Larry Mullinax, of Mullinax Ford, New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Larry is [...]

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Following a debate-like exchange the other day with a few industry players about the state of today’s new car market, I did a quick search on My goal was to see whether my assumption—that the way dealers price and promote new vehicles today doesn’t do the dealers, the factories or buyers any favors—is true. [...]

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