A Sad, Somber Time for vAuto


We received some sad news—vAuto lost one of our own, Performance Manager Steve Solmes, who passed away yesterday. Steve started with us in 2007. He was part of our first group of Performance Managers. The “group” was actually two people, Steve, and Dan Winchester, who I know is feeling the loss of Steve as much […]

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NADA Day 1: A Hunger To Build, Improve Business


Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like dealers at this year’s National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) convention in San Francisco are especially hungry for ways to build and, in some cases, preserve and protect their businesses. I’m told many of the workshops were full, and dealers got turned away for lack of seats. Part […]

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NADA Day 1: A Surprising Start To Opening Day


I started the day with an odd request from Cox Automotive president Sandy Schwartz. He wanted to meet first thing at the vAuto booth at 8:30 a.m., just as the exhibit hall opened. Turns out, Sandy was playing coy, along with a few other members of the vAuto team. Their secret: They’d arranged for a […]

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A Promising Premiere For Provision ProfitTime At NADA


I received some very encouraging news about our new Provision ProfitTime product, which we’ll be officially launching at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) convention this week in San Francisco. The upshot: ProfitTime appears to be living up to its promise as a metric and methodology that can help dealers push back against margin compression, […]

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A ProfitTime Insight: Your Worst Used Cars Represent Your Best Opportunity


It’s been a busy, gratifying start to the new year as I’ve been sharing vAuto’s new Provision ProfitTime methodology and metric with dealers. I’m encouraged by the fact that many dealers are asking about ProfitTime because they recognize that margin compression is a serious problem. They aren’t happy with the gross profits they’re getting in […]

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A 2019 Priority: Managing Your Inventory Investment Value


We have a tendency as dealers to think of our new and used vehicle inventories as large, singular investments. Together, the new and used vehicle inventory investment at many dealerships ranges between $7 million and $10 million—a sum that represents a significant amount of skin in the game for a typical dealer. But while many […]

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5 Key Provision ProfitTime Questions and Answers


I’ve spent the past three weeks traveling across the country to talk to dealers about Provision ProfitTime, a new metric and methodology we’ve introduced to help dealers better manage the effects of margin compression in used vehicles. The discussions and meetings have been eye-opening, for both the dealers and me. For dealers, ProfitTime initially stirs […]

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Webinar Alert: A Deeper Look At Provision ProfitTime And Its Potential


I’m excited to take part in an Automotive News webinar at 1 p.m. CST tomorrow to share vAuto’s latest innovation, our Provision ProfitTime metric and methodology. I’ll be joined by my ProfitTime co-creator, Chris Stutsman, who serves as vAuto’s director of innovation.   Our goal will be to help dealers gain a better understanding of […]

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Access: Velocity: Post-Show Potpourri


I suspect everyone who attended Access: Velocity had the same feeling as we left the Peninsula Hotel on Friday—my brain needs a little break. We had a busy day-and-a-half of general sessions and workshops. I took a bit of time to mull the dealer conversations and session take-aways. Here’s a rundown of things I thought […]

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Access Velocity Day 1: A Game of Inches and Investments


I heard the same thing time and time again from dealers at Access: Velocity. After all the effort, energy, money and time invested in retailing new and used vehicles, there just isn’t as much profit left on the monthly income statement as there used to be. The proceeds from all the activity and sales amount […]

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