3 Ways To Avoid Falling Flat With Today’s Vehicle Buyers


Let’s imagine that you’re sitting front and center, as your favorite band takes the stage. You bought tickets a few weeks ago. You cleared your schedule. You’re pretty excited as the band cranks up the opening tune. The singer steps up to the microphone. But the first note falls flat, followed by another clunker. You [...]

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vAuto: 10 Years Old—Still Inspiring, Still Going Strong


I reached another milestone in my career this week—the 10th anniversary of the day my colleague and friend, Mike Chiovari, and I huddled together in my kitchen and began the work that gave birth to vAuto. We celebrated the anniversary last night, bringing together more than 260 vAuto team members from across the country. I [...]

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Top-Performing CPO Dealer Shares Three Keys To Success


Congratulations to vAuto dealer Don Luke and his team at Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge & Ram in Phoenix for earning AutoRemarketing’s 2015 CPO Dealer of the Year Award. The honor follows a stellar performance. Luke and his team retail 500 used vehicles a month, including roughly 200 certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles. They average a [...]

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How Good Is Your “Swing” In Used Vehicles?


I recently read a great book, The Boys In The Boat, about an unlikely crew team from Seattle that captivated the world when it earned a gold medal in the 1936 Olympics. The book discusses the art, science, tenacity and will required to create synchronicity, or “swing,” among eight rowers on the water: “There is [...]

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Addressing Increased Used Vehicle Supplies, Depreciation


You might say that the blessing we’ve enjoyed in used vehicles is running out of gas. The blessing has been a relatively stable balance between used vehicle supplies and demand. These market forces have helped to subdue the effects of used vehicle depreciation for much of the year. But industry analysts predict a continued rise [...]

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Dealers Shine A Light On The Power Of Good People


While attending this week’s Automotive News Best Dealerships To Work For event, I wondered how many dealers could honestly answer this question: Have you mapped out career paths at your dealership? The topic came up during panel presentations on hiring and retention. The upshot: Dealers who’ve taken the time to map how employees might progress [...]

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A Moment Of Empathy For VW Dealers


As I read the ongoing coverage of the VW scandal, I can’t help but think of the early days at Pollak Cadillac. My father and I became Cadillac dealers in 1985. My Dad had been a long-time Buick-GMC-Jeep-Renault dealer in Gary, Ind. Our new store in Elmhurst, Ill., represented our collective hopes and dreams for [...]

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A Change Of Plans For DrivingSales Executive Summit


I’m disappointed to share that I won’t be speaking at the upcoming DrivingSales Executive Summit in Las Vegas. My purpose at the event would have been to share an important announcement, and offer a vision for the future prosperity of our industry, one that would arrive through technology-driven efficiencies and transparency that benefit dealers and [...]

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Vote For vAuto To Win A Chicago Innovation Award


I’m proud to report that vAuto’s Conquest system is a finalist for this year’s Chicago Innovation Awards. This honor comes after a group of judges selected Conquest from more than 500 other innovations from Chicago-area organizations. If you’re inclined, we’d appreciate your support for a People’s Choice Award, which goes to innovations that receive most online [...]

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A Three-Step Test To Improve Your Used Vehicle Department Performance


I’d recommend that every dealer conduct the following three-part test of their used vehicle department: Step 1: Determine your average cost of inventory. How does this figure compare to three or six months ago? Is it up or down, and by how much? Step 2: Assess your inventory age. What percentage of your inventory is [...]

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