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Velocity Overdrive

Like I See It: Obstacles and Opportunities Shaping the Future of Retail Automotive

Advance praise for Dale Pollak’s latest book:

“Dale has given us a how-to guide on becoming a modern auto retailer. Every dealer should hold a series of managers meetings to strategically address the issues raised in the book. Like I See It is an insurance policy for every dealer’s financial future.”
— Mark Rikess, president, The Rikess Group

“This book is a must-read for those that want to prepare for, and profit from, the automotive disruption that is ahead.”
— Brian Benstock, vice president, Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura

“If you’re a student of the car business, you should put Dale Pollak’s Like I See It on the office shelf, right next to his Velocity books. If you’re not drinking his Kool-Aid now, you will be soon.”
— Mike Shaw, president and owner, Mike Shaw Automotive

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Velocity Overdrive

Velocity Overdrive:  The Road to Reinvention

Here’s what early reviews are saying about Dale Pollak’s recently released third book, Velocity Overdrive: The Road to Reinvention:

“Dale’s books help advance our industry and the business. They continue to do great things for the dealer community.”

Mitch Golub, President,

“Dale Pollak is not only a thinker who profoundly understands our business , his perspectives are also unrestrained by the status quo.  His latest book, Velocity Overdrive, guides us into an age of transparency and evolving skill sets. It provides further inspiration to those who view our industry as more than a profession. For us, it’s a passion.”

Robert “Bob” Hollenshead, Founder & President, Buybook Technologies/R. Hollenshead Auto Sales, Inc.

Amazon’s review: Great quick read. Very informative.,


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Velocity 2.0: Paint, Pixels, & Profitability Is Here!

Dale Pollak’s Velocity 2.0 is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Here is what a few automotive executives have to say about Velocity 2.0:

“Velocity 2.0 is a must read. It doesn’t push or pressure you; it leads to discovery and insight that will stimulate significant performance improvement across the entire dealership industry.”

– Chip Perry, President & CEO,

“Dale’s vision for the industry continues to evolve. He provides real insights for real managers.”

– Adam Simms, Owner & General Manager, Toyota Sunnyvale


Bookcover1 copy copyCheck out what others have said about Dale’s first book, Velocity:

“Many business books shoot for — but few actually achieve — such fine balance of the familiar and the profound.” See the rest of this review…

“To anyone who has walked through an automobile dealership, it’s no surprise that many of them are doing business the way it’s always been done.” See the rest of this review…

“While this book is clearly written for owners and managers of car dealerships, everyone that works in the industry will find it insightful and thought provoking.” See the rest of this review…

“This isn’t for everyone, but for automobile dealers and their used-car sales organizations, it’s a “must” read.” See the rest of this review…

“I enjoyed velocity and while it is written with car dealers in mind, I learned a lot about the car business and how it works.” See the rest of this review…

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  • I enjoyed Dale's first book; have recommended it to so many people as well.

    Can't wait to read his new book.

    Congrats Dale!

  • Dale – enjoyed your first one; have recommended it to so many people as well.

    Can’t wait to read your new book.

    Congrats Dale!

  • Todd

    be nice if there was an audio version somewhere.

  • Todd,

    There is an audio version (CD) available at Amazon ( It shows that they are out of stock, but I believe they are ordered as needed from the publisher. Hope this helps.


  • Ed

    Book should be available digitally!!

  • Ed,

    I agree. FYI, the book is presently available on audio in CD format. It seems like I’m always just one step behind the times in the publishing world.



  • Wes

    HI Dale. Is there anywhere in Chicagoland I can buy your books? Or is Amazon the best route? Thanks, Wes

  • Wes,

    Sorry for my delay in responding to you – I was not notified of your question. My books are not available in bookstores, only on-line at Amazon. Thanks so much and let me know your thoughts.

    Respectfully, Dale

  • jmstockton

    Hi Dale, I am looking to purchase all 3 of your books in CD format so that I can listen to them while I drive my several hours per day commute. Are they available on CD from anywhere?

  • JM,

    I’ve looked into this as I wasn’t sure what book was available in which format. Velocity 2.0 is the only one of the three available in CD format. Velocity Overdrive is available through Audible if you have a reading device or player that you can connect to your car. Both are available through